Professor Eva Chi (shown above) was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award in March 2012. This is the second such award to CBME faculty. The first was to Professor Dimiter Petsev in 2009. For details, click here.

Professor Andrew Shreve

In January 2012, Professor Andrew Shreve became the new permanent Director of UNM's Center for Biomedical Engineering. Shreve, formerly of Los Alamos National Laboratory, succeeds Professor David Whitten, who served as Interim Director from 2009 to 2011.

Map of New Mexico Established in 2005, the UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering adminsters and coordinates the specialized research of senior engineers, scientists and clinicians, plus the work of dozens of researchers-in-training. The broad aims of the CBME are to improve the health of all citizens and to stimulate the economy of the State of New Mexico. We accomplish this by conducting biomedical research on an array of topics, from low-cost medical diagnostics for the third-world, to state-of-the-art flow cytometry. To help our students preprare for successful careers in the exciting world of biomedical engineering, many are asked to perform hands-on research at a lab bench. To spark the imagination of younger scientists with the idea of growing up to become scientists and engineers, we regularly conduct fun, do-it-yourself learning activities at elementary, mid-, and high schools, and also community colleges. We promote and assist inclusion of UNM's Hispanic and Native American students, two groups which together comprise nearly a majority of UNM's student population. The Center has been the driving force behind a successful multi-year effort to establish biomedical engineering as a degree program at UNM. We serve as a portal for biotech interactions between UNM and National Laboratories, industry partnerships and other educational institutions within New Mexico and outside of New Mexico. 

Brittany Branch
Brittany Branch, CBME Graduate Student