Research vision

Health care is the single largest segment of the United States economy, and health-care costs continue to spiral upward at an ever increasing rate. In the state of New Mexico, Native Americans and Hispanics constitute more than 50% of the population, and these groups are especially hard hit by increasing health-care costs, lack of affordable health-care insurance, and decreasing health-care availability. The development of new technical innovations is needed to produce transformational advances in the delivery, efficacy and cost containment of health care. Such technical innovations are enabled by research at the interface of engineering and medicine. Working at this interface, UNM’s Center for Biomedical Engineering and its researchers are dedicated to:

-- Developing fundamental research and applications with positive impacts on health-care solutions

-- Training new generations of researchers who can contribute to the solution of long-term biomedical challenges in the state, as well as nationally and internationally

-- Supporting New Mexico’s community of biomedical innovators, including providing tools, capabilities and workforce needed by the state’s biotechnology industry