David G. Whitten Symposium 2010

The Whitten Symposium was held in honor of the academic career and mentorship of Professor David G. Whitten.

David Whitten addressing banquet attendees

Francoise Winnik, Kirk Schanze and Chris Weale

Professors David Whitten and Samir Farid

Professors Xi Zhang, David Whitten and Anne Myers Kelley

Ying Wang, James Hurst and Liaohai Chen

Professors David Whitten and Heather Canavan

Haruo Inoue and David Whitten

Professor Xi Zhang

Ying Wang, Alex Leonard, Carl Brown and Jingshu Jhu

Ying Wang and Professor Xi Zhang

Frank Quina, Lee Pedersen, Joseph Graham, Plamen Atanassov and Heather Canavan

Mrs. Ramamurthy and Professors Schmehl and Ramamurthy

At the end of a break, Scott Sibbett rings the bell to reconvene the attendees.

Scott Sibbett, André Braun, Al Artiaga and Thomas Corbitt

Kristin Wilde, Scott Sibbett, Pamela Hurd-Knief, Karen Sibbett and James Hurst

Yanli Tang, Xi Zhang and Ying Wang

Komandoor Achyuthan and David Whitten

Taylor Canady, Dimitri Dascier, David Whitten, Zhijun Zhou, Bruce Armitage, Eunkyung Ji, Linnea Ista, Yanli Tang, Emmalee Jones and Eric Hill

Professors David Whitten and James Freyer

David Whitten, Huriye Ícíl, and Necdet Ícíl

Linnea Ista, Julia Fulghum, Eva Chi and Ella Chi

Taylor Canady and friend

Dining on the patio at Los Poblanos Inn

Dining on the patio at Los Poblanos Inn

Professors Weiss, Pedersen, Saltiel, Farid, Whitten and Quina (foreground); Professors Ward and Ivory (background)

Daniel Schwartz, Pamela Hurd-Knief and David Whitten

Professors David Whitten and Kirk Schanze

Professors Huriye Ícíl and Scott Sibbett

Professors David Whitten and Dimiter Petsev

Professors Gabriel Lopez and David Whitten

Linnea Ista and David Whitten

Professors Inoue and Ramamurthy

André Braun, Jo Whitten, Vaidhyanathan Ramamurthy, Esther Oliveros, Mrs. Ramamurthy and David Whitten

Jingshu Zhu, Ying Wang and Yanli Tang

Professors Winnik and Whitten

Symposium Chair Scott Sibbett's message to the attendees: The foundation of David's success is positive mentoring.