Dimiter N. Petsev


Phone: 505-277-3221

Physical Address

Room 152
Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML)

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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Ph.D., Sofia University, Physical Chemistry, 1996


Dimiter N. Petsev, Ph.D. received his Ph.D. in 1996 from University of Sofia in Bulgaria. His professional experience includes positions as a Research Assistant in the Laboratory of Chemical Physics at the University of Sofia; Visiting Scholar positions in the Colloid and Emulsion Group in CRPP/CNRS, Pessac, France and in the Surfactant Science Group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull, UK; Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Chemistry Department at Purdue University; and Research Associate in the Center for Materials Research at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. He moved to the University of New Mexico in 2003, where he is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering. His research interests include interactions and stability of nanometer-sized particles, structures of complex fluids, interactions at very short distances, stability of emulsions and microemulsions, vesicle fusion, cell ddhesion, rheology of emulsions and microemulsions, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid phase transitions in protein solutions, protein separations, granular fluids, pressure driven and electroosmotic driven flows in micro and nanochannels, thin liquid films between fluid interfaces, nanofluidic field effect transistors, guided self-assembly of nano-structures, materials thermodynamics and self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules, colloid and biomolecular crystallization, application of colloid and protein structures as templates for material synthesis.

Research Interests

  • Complex fluids, colloids and emulsions, self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules, micro and nanofluidics, protein Interactions, nanomaterials.