May 01, 2013

"CaPO4 Implants for Craniofacial Skeletal Surgery and Tissue Engineering"

Craig D. Friedman, MD FACS
Yale New Haven Hospital, Attending Surgeon
Hesion Medical LLC, Managing Director

Wednesday, May 1st, 4:00 PM
Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium (Room 1041)
University of New Mexico

Calcium Phosphate materials have been used for biomedical applications since the 1970's. The lecture will review the clinical needs in craniomaxillofacial skeletal surgery for bone replacement and augmentation. The evolution and scientific basis for calcium phosphate implants in clinical practice will be detailed. The development of a novel cementitious implant and its application in clinical strategies is reviewed providing an integrated paradigm for applied tissue engineering.

This seminar is sponsored by the UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering.

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