September, 2014

Vittorio Cristini featured in Albuquerque The Magazine

CBME's Vittorio Cristini featured in Albuquerque The Magazine's September issue.

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August, 2014

Eta Diagnostics, Inc. featured in STC Newsletter

CBME's Andrew Shreve and Steven Graves created the technology behind the start-up Eta Diagnostics, Inc.

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July, 2014

National Science Foundation elevates a new Fellow at UNM

Tye Martin, a graduate student working in the Center for Biomedical Engineering at UNM, was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate fellowship. The NSF, in its mission to ensure the vitality and innovation of science and discovery in the United States, recognizes and awards fellowships to graduate students in NSF-supported science annually.

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December, 2013

travis woods 2013

Udall to Present NMC Outstanding Achievement Awards

UNM student Loreen Lamoureux works on a USDA funded project to develop techniques to rapidly detect e-coli in the meat food supply. This collaboration involving researchers from UNM, the University of Nebraska (UN), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the NMC seeks to detect e-coli contamination early in the meat packing process in order to prevent e-coli outbreaks.

Lamoureux has purified a key biomarker from seven different strains of shiga toxin carrying E. coli. She also developed assays for the biomarkers and biophysical methods for the characterization of molecular interactions of the biomarkers in cell membranes. Lamoureux's mentors on this project are UNM CBME's Dr. Steven Graves, Dr. Mukundan of LANL and Dr. Montano of the Center for Integrated Technologies at LANL.

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August, 2013

CBME Professor David Whitten featured on KRQE News

Link to full story: UNM paving way for germ-free future

May, 2013

travis woods 2013

Travis Woods, Research Scientist 2 and CBME Staff member, won a School of Engineering Outstanding Staff Award. Congratulations, Travis!

April, 2013

CBME Professor Eva Chi featured on NMPBS Connect

Published on Apr 30, 2013

August, 2012

New seminar series

Professor Andrew Shreve, Director of the UNM Center for Biomedical Engineeing, initiated a new weekly seminar series devoted to biomedical engineering. The inaugural speaker was Dr. S. Richard Larson, Executive Vice President and Vice Chancellor for Research, UNM Health Sciences Center. Dr. Larson's talk, titled "Building HSC-SOE Research Collaborations and Partnerships", was well-attended by students and faculty from the UNM Schools of Medicine and Engineering, plus local business leaders, STC.UNM program managers, Sandia National Laboratories scientists and others. The series continues every Wednesday at 4:00PM in the Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium.

CBME Professor Elizabeth Dirk featured on NMPBS Connect

Published on Aug 17, 2012

March, 2012

Professor Eva Chi was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award. The $400,000 award will fund Chi's research in "Interface-induced misfolding and aggregation of intrinsically disordered proteins" over a 5-year period. It is the second such award to a UNM faculty member with the Center for Biomedical Engineering; the first was to Professor Dimiter Petsev in March 2009.

January, 2012

In January 2012, Professor Andrew Shreve became the new permanent Director of UNM's Center for Biomedical Engineering. Professor Shreve succeeded Professor David Whitten, who served as Interim Director from November 2009 to December 2011.

November, 2011

The State of New Mexico approved a Master's of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. The proposal for the new degree program was brought before the State Board of Finance by Dr. Glenn Walters, head of the State of New Mexico Higher Education Department. He was joined in testimony before the Board by UNM Professors Steven Graves, Charles B. Fleddermann, and Scott S. Sibbett. The unanimous vote was taken by the State Board of Finance at their regular meeting. The vote culminates a 5-year effort by UNM's Center for Biomedical Engineering to launch a new graduate program in biomedical engineering. Funding for the initiative was provided by the State of New Mexico legislature through a special projects grant, by the UNM Office of Vice President of Research, and by the Dean's Office of the UNM School of Engineering. Following the vote, Program Director Graves said, "The vote to approve this new M.S. degree is really a testimony to the foresight of many New Mexico legislators, who saw the importance of helping grow the state's economy in this vibrant area."

December, 2010

The Regents of the university approved a graduate degree program in biomedical engineering. Students began applying for admission into the new Ph.D. program.

November, 2009

Professor David G. Whitten was named Interim Director of CBME.

May, 2009

School of Engineering faculty voted to approve the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, and a concentration within the Ph.D. of Engineering. Professor Steven Graves was named Director of the BME Graduate Program.

March, 2009

Professor Dimiter Petsev was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award. The $400,000 award wiil fund Petsev's research in "Transport Control in Fluidic Micro and Nanochannels" over a 5-year period

September, 2008

CBME's second Open House allowed the public to view the new 14,000 square foot CBME Labs in Centennial Engineering Center.

August, 2008

Construction of the new Centennial Engineering Center was completed, and faculty, students and staff occupied new offices and lab space of the Center for Biomedical Engineering.

March, 2008

The Dean of the School of Engineering and the Vice President of Research conducted a 3-year review of CBME. They decided to continue to support the start-up of the Center.

June, 2007

CBME hosted its first Open House featuring presentations, tours and displays. The event was well-attended by members of the University community, friends of CBME, and dignitaries of the New Mexico State Legislature.

February, 2007

New Mexico State Legislature voted to fund BME at UNM.

January, 2006

Sandia National Laboratories made a generous gift to CBME for new research endeavors.


The University named Biomedical Engineering a "UNM Area of Marked Opportunity".

July, 2005

The UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering (CMBE), Gabriel P. Lopez, Director, was launched as a multi-disciplinary research center focused on coordinating and enhancing collaborative research at UNM in the area of Biomedical Engineering. The Center was established with funding from the School of Engineering and from the Office of the Vice President for Research. Professors David G. Whitten and Scott S. Sibbett were named Associate Directors.


A UNM Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society was founded.


The School of Engineering and the School of Medicine held a day-long retreat on “Developing a Vision for Biomedical Engineering at UNM”.